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Dubai One Segment – Emirates News

MBC News Appearance

Emaar Dubai Ramadan Series

Fire – Emaar Ramadan Series

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Posted by Emaar Dubai on Monday, June 27, 2016

Wknd Magazine Khaleej Times

Respecting the art
Dubai-based Jason Pierre Renaud is a fire dancer. Founder of entertainment business Firestorm, the 36-year-old has been ‘playing with fire’ since 2005. From fire breathing to body burning (where he can draw a stick of fire along his arm with a completely poker face) and even fire eating (“it tastes like burnt marshmallows”), Jason is an entertainer with several fiery tricks up his sleeve. There is no fear in his performance, but don’t mistake that for nonchalance – he is constantly alert for anything that could go wrong. “Fire is one of those elements you’ll never be able to control,” he says. “You can never get to that point where you think you’re in control because that’s when your hair goes up or you could lose an eyebrow – or a beard.”

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