At Firestorm  we supply entertainment for parties, weddings and corporate events around the world. We represent over hundreds of entertainment options ranging from Fire Dancers to Visual Pixel LED Shows, Bands and so much more. If you are looking for entertainment for your event, please browse through our website.

If you can’t find what you are looking for then please feel free to get in touch with our Entertainment Team and ask for ideas and suggestions.

We have many acts on our roster that are not featured on our website so please get in touch if you are looking for something specific that you cannot find on our website.

Stilt Walkers

A walk above the rest, our stilt walkers will not only give away a towering performance but also add a personal touch to your event. The charming tall greeters and characters work well throughout the entire event. Stilt walkers can be 2-legged or 4-legged. They may be paired with other costumed characters or other specialized acts for an ultimate entertainment experience.

Fire Dancers

Our fire dancers, fire jugglers, fire eaters and fire blowers are sure to be the big “HIT” to your next event……fire performers can also be paired with Glow dancers, Glow Robots and Belly dancers for an expansive performance. To complete the recipe, our fire dance routine can be paired with Pyrotechnics and Fire works for an action-packed entertainment.

Live Statues

People will think they are looking at real dolls or genuine statues until they realize they are breathing works of art. They are great for photos and can be used as ice breakers for any event.

Mime juggler (jester)

A classic circus act that will guarantee to delight the audience with multiple objects tossed in the air and caught at an air speed. Our jugglers and mime artists can be paired with other circus acts for any kind of event.

Sphere Dancer (jester)

Our sphere performers are earth and water lovers. It highlights the mystical movements of the human body combined with colors and light. Sphere dancers can be paired with glow dancers or with props inside.

Diabolo Jugglers (jester)

Set to amaze the audience with diabolo manipulation. Diabolo jugglers can be paired with other circus acts and glow dancers and UV dancers.

Aquatic Dancers

Martini girl transforms into sensual mermaid with magnified graceful movements and amazing swimming tricks in and out of a large, water filled martini glass.

Unicycle (jester)

Single-wheeled human powered vehicle will amuse the audience as they weave around the venue. Promises to bring a smile to everybody and keep the audience in awe.

Aerial Silks or Hoop

A stunning display of strength and grace at heights reaching up to 20 feet, our Aerial artists dances above the audience and captures their breath as they showcase soulful dance that requires agility, flexibility and acrobatic skills.

Chandelier Dancers

Champagne, cocktails and drinks served by a performer hanging upside down from the ceiling is a stunning entertainment sure to be remembered by the guests. Performer is surrounded by gorgeous chandelier hanging on the ceiling, dances while pouring flutes of champagnes or any other freshly prepared drinks to VIP guests.

Pole Dancing

The controversial act that will astound and excite the audience as our highly-trained pole dancers do their choreographed tricks and amazing routines.

Aerial Red Carpet (no photo: upcoming act)

Guests walk on a glamorous red carpet which is actually a part of the trapeze or hoop couture dress. A lifetime memory of surprise will greet the audience.

Live Red Carpet

Guests walk on a glamorous red carpet which is actually a part of the live statue dress. A lifetime memory of surprise will greet the audience.

Clown and Mime Artist (jester)

Another classic circus character great for meet and greets and photos. Our friendly and funny clowns will guarantee laughter and amusement throughout the crowd.

Firestorm  can create bespoke entertainment packages, please contact us with your requirements.

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