What color LED equipment do you have?
Elements series: Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Spirit
Astral series: Sol, Luna, Nebula, Watermelon

What is fire dancing?
Fire originated as a Maori dance and has evolved into a daily practise by performers and enthusiasts worldwide.

What are the different types of displays that you use?
FireStorm uses a number of different arts, such as;


What do you use to ignite the equipment?

We use paraffin (lamp oil, commonly used to light tiki torches) as our fuel because it is recognised as having a low ignition factor and the residue left after the performance is minimal. All paraffin is chosen according to the flash point.

For fire breathing, we use a fuel that does not contain citronella or any other additives that may cause harm to the performers or to the audience.

Can you do coloured flames?
FireStorm can perform with red and green coloured flames. This is a slighter more complex setup and can only be done outdoors. We use powdered colour additives that we mix with the fuel for the different colours.

Do you do non fire performances?
FireStorm can perform an LED light performance with both LED poi and LED double staffs. Because there is no fire involved, we can perform longer sets of up to 20 minutes more frequently throughout an event. Photographs and video of our LEDS are available in the Gallery.

Where do you perform?
We are available to perform at locations through the UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah and Ras al Khaimah, as well as other nearby locations throughout the Middle East. Fire performances can take place at hotels, bars, private residences, desert safaris and other outdoor locations deemed suitable for fire and indoor locations for LED.

What are the some of your fire safety precautions?
FireStorm takes fire safety concerns seriously and has implemented a number of safety precautions outlined in our Fire Safety page.

Do you do routines or choreography?
FireStorm can perform choreographed routines with advance notice from the client. The style of the routine is entirely dependent on the number of performers required and the types of fire tools used. Typically, our routines can last from 4-10 minutes; longer routines can be created with some element of freestyle spinning and transition of performers.

How can FireStorm tailor the act to my event?
FireStorm works with the client to tailor our performance to the event. Whether in the form of colours, costumes, masks, or other special effects, we liaise with the agent and/or the client to ensure that the performance meets the expectations to the best of our abilities and considering the safety of our performers.


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